First of all, I wish to thank you for not only greatly aiding in the restoration of my Motobecane, but for also aiding in the restoration of my passion for bicycling.

I love my new old bike and have taken it out on a few rides…

Again, Andy, thanks for all your patience, understanding and quality work. People like you are a rare find these days.

Sincerely, Greg Navaro


My name is Bill Scott and I own a Masi Grand Criterium.

Unfortunately I was hit in January of 2009 and the driver ruined the rear stays of the frame.

I did not want to throw away the frame and I knew that it could be saved so I contacted Andy in Tucson. He took the job and he said that he would work in the rebuilding around his other jobs.

Looking at his frames I felt that he was the right person to rebuild my frame.

I got my frame back & rebuilt it and I must say it looks great!!!!!!!

If you want a custom frame built, need a frame repaired or painted, I strongly recommend getting it done by Andy. His craftsmanship on his frame building & painting is excellent.

I can proudly say that I am the only person who owns a Masi-Gilmour frame.

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