Custom Frames

Andy Gilmour has been building custom bicycle frames and complete bikes made from the highest quality materials for more than 30 years.

Gilmour primarily builds frames with steel or aluminum, but can also hand craft a titanium frame upon request.

Custom frames start at $1,600.

All of Gilmour’s frames include custom sizing, custom geometry, carbon or steel fork, STI stops, bosses for two water bottles, two brake cable stops, chain stay derailleur stop and one paint color.

Additional bosses and paint colors are available for small fee.

Click HERE for more detailed pricing information.

Frame Repair

All is not lost if your frame is damaged or cracked.

Gilmour can repair most damaged frames and get you rolling at an affordable price.

Gilmour can also add bosses to your frame.

Click HERE for detailed pricing and make an appointment to have Gilmour assess your broken frame.

Custom Painting

In addition to building superior bicycle frames, Gilmour can repaint your older frames.

Frame repainting is the perfect way to restore your vintage frame to its original beauty.

A single color paint job, which includes 2 coats of primer, 2 coats of paint and two coats of clear coat, starts at $200. Additional charges for masking, sandblasting, multiple paint colors and decals will apply.

Click HERE for more detailed pricing information

Professional fitting

A professional bike fit can make all the difference when it comes to cycling performance. An improper fit can often lead to injuries.

Gilmour draws on his vast cycling experience to ensure your bike is fit properly to you, which will increase your comfort and efficiency

Fit session cost $75 an hour. Email Gilmour to set up your professional fit appointment.

Bike Service

Have an older Gilmour bike that needs some work done?

Gilmour can tune up or overhaul your entire Gilmour bike. He’ll also true your wheels or build you a new wheelset all at competitive prices.

Click HERE for more detailed pricing information.

Work will only be done on Gilmour frames

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